Summer 2

Please find below the Knowledge Organiser for Summer Term 2, which is Heroes and Adventures
Week ending 7th June
Welcome back after half term. This week we have been learning about space. Children have learnt that people who travel into space are called astronauts. We have found out that the first lady to travel into space was Valentina Tereshkova. On our stage area the children have really enjoyed acting out the story 'Whatever Next' about a bear who gets into a cardboard box and pretends he is going to the moon in his rocket. Also children are working together and are using the guttering to make their own water chutes. 
Week ending 14th June
This week our topic has been about Polar Adventures. We have learnt that Ernest Shackleton explored some of the coldest places on Earth and that when he reached the Antarctica his ship the Endurance got stuck in very thick ice. Children made their own boats and then they tested them to see if they would float or sink.