Summer 2

Welcome to the Year 1 class pages!
Here you will find regular updates of our current learning, ways to help at home and knowledge organisers for each subject. Please have a look at these updates with your child and find time to talk about the new skills and knowledge. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to come and talk to us or email the school office. Thank you for your support, we look forward to working with you and your children!
Knowledge organisers
Please have a look at the knowledge organisers with your child. These summarise the learning for each subject this half term. There is some really interesting knowledge! Please find time to chat with your child everyday about their new learning.
Week 4 - 28/06/24
This week the children completed their final big piece of writing, they should be so proud of their achievements this year, the progress made is fantastic! (see some examples below). In Maths we finished our unit of time and started exploring money, learning the different coins and notes. 
In History the children learnt about our current PM - Rishi Sunak - and what his role involves, we asked the children to discuss what they believe to be most important, looking after the elderly came up a lot! They then wrote a question for him. Many asked what he did before, others how much he got paid but the most common question why did he want the job.
Week 3 - 21/06/24
This week in English the Children innovated the story of the Three Little Pigs and made it their own. They changed the three main characters, the baddies and what the houses were made of. We've had Three Little Chickens, Kittens, Flies and so much more! Houses made of toast, feathers, mud and ice - I really look forward to their final Hot Writes next week! In Maths the children were introduced to O'clock and Half Past on the clock. 
This week we explored Banham Zoo, the children had a wonderful time visiting the animals and learning from our discovery sessions. In Computing the children went out to the Forest School area and collected some primary data, finding different minibeast, ready to input next week and turn it into pictograms.
Week 2 - 14/06/24
In English the children boxed up the story of the Three Little Pigs, they then experimented with different story openers and came up with some fun similes for example "His bottom was as red as a postman's van". In Math we continued our exploration of numbers to 100, working out one more and one less, ten more and ten less. 
In art the children painted their penguin sculptures and in DT we made Father's Day cards using the skills learning in Autumn 1. In Computing the children created pictograms on the laptops and ipad using an online program - 
Week 1 - 03/06/24
In English this week have created wanted posters for  some of the baddies in well known fairy tales. We acted out the story from the Three Little Pigs and created a story map. In Maths the children have started counting beyond 50 up to 100. The children have ordered the numbers, partitioned them and built them using 10s and 1s.
In PSHE the children have been learning about the range of things that help to keep them healthy, and how it feels when we are healthy. In Science they went on a material hunt within the classroom, identifying objects made from plastic, metal, wood and glass and in Art the children created their own penguin sculptures using the skilled learnt in previous lessons.