Online Safety

At Spring Meadow, we are increasingly aware of how accessible the internet is to our pupils, in school, and at home. We recognise the important role that we all play, as educators, parents, and carers, to ensure your children understand how to use the internet in an appropriate and safe way.

Just as you protect them in the real world, we know you want to make sure your children are safe online too. Online Safety skills are life skills. When your children understand the risks associated with being online, they can become sensible, informed internet users. We all want them to get the most from using the internet and to stay safe whilst doing so.

There are many resources available to keep you informed and to help you keep your children safe online. There are also resources that can help you if your children come across potentially harmful or inappropriate content on the internet.
Useful Links

The links below provide lots of important information for parents and carers to support your child while they are online. If you have any concerns about online safety please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s class teacher or a member of the senior leadership team.

Net Aware is a superb guide to a vast amount of popular and commonly used social websites. Simply type in the websites name e.g. Minecraft, Clash of Clans etc. and find out more about what your child is playing on. This website will provide information on the content and the levels of risk.

ThinkUKnow is the education programme from CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline. You can get advice on a range of issues such as viruses, hacking and dealing with bullying online.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) helps children stay safe online and works nationally and internationally to bring offenders, including those involved in production, distribution and viewing of child abuse material. To yhe UK courts. It is often referred to the ‘online 999’ You can get advice on a range of issues such as viruses, hacking and dealing with online bullying.

Childnet International is a non-profit organisation working with others to help make the internet a great and safe place for children.

Internet is a new portal signposting parents to the best advice in relation to child safety online. It was set up in June 2014 with support from the 4 big ISPs in the UK.

Gaming and App Parental Guides
The guides for parents and carers below provide information about popular apps and games that many children play or might ask to play. If you have any questions about anything in the guides, please talk to your child's class teacher.
Founding partners with the NSPCC, Azoomee is a new, online platform for children aged 5 to 9. It is a safe and secure space for them to watch, listen, play, learn, make, do and share. They have created SmartSafeKind Online – a programme of short films, games, and activities, all of which show how to be independent, safe, and responsible online.

All the children took part in an online safety competition – to create their own information poster covering topics such as:
  • Be kind online
  • Things spread quickly online
  • What is online bullying?
  • Removing things from the internet
  • Are you spending too much time online?
Google have developed some wonderful resources to help you have a conversation at home around staying safe online, giving consent for the sharing of photos and other personal information, respecting others online, and – most importantly – asking for help or advice if your child encounters anything online that makes them feel uncomfortable or upset. Google’s ‘Be Internet Legends’