Intent and Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Intent Statement

Spring Meadow Infant and Nursery Curriculum



At Spring Meadow, pupils are exposed to a wide and varied learning experience. We have built a curriculum founded on educational research. The curriculum has been deliberately designed to enable all children build on their prior knowledge and skills from Nursery up to Year two. Each lesson is carefully considered and presented to ensure all children access learning whilst taking into account careful consideration of children’s cognitive overload so they know more and remember more. Our curriculum exposes children to a vast diet of knowledge and skills where diversity is celebrated.



At Spring Meadow we use a variety of approaches to support learning including: Read, Write, Inc for phonics and Talk4writing in English. Reading is threaded throughout the curriculum so that all children develop a love of reading. Vocabulary is explicitly taught so that children are able to use it to access the wider curriculum. The curriculum develops communication skills, both written and verbal as well as ensuring children listen respectfully, being inclusive of everyone’s views and opinions.

The curriculum celebrates and enhances the development of each person, spiritually, morally, intellectually and physically. All children make progress from their starting points and learn to be resilient when faced with challenges. As a school we use our City’s history and local cultural diversity to teach the children about the place they live in as well as giving the children the opportunity to contribute to their community. At Spring Meadow, we prepare the children for the next steps in their education by providing them with the knowledge, skills, confidence and creativity they need to thrive as kind, independent citizens.

Our pupils’ needs and backgrounds and our values for learning underpin all areas of our curriculum.

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