Early Years


Our Nursery provision is open for 30hrs a week, 38 weeks a year.

The sessions are split into mornings and afternoons.

Morning Sessions are 9.00-12.00

Afternoon Sessions are 12.00-15.00.

The afternoon session includes a 30 minute lunch from 12.00-12.30. Children who attend 30hrs a week are in school from 9.00-15.00.

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage learn by playing and exploring. It helps them to understand the world around them and to develop socially and emotionally. We encourage children to develop their independence by allowing them to make their own choices.

We offer a wide range of resources and activities that include sand, water, sensory play, mark-making, books, lots of opportunities for role-play, arts and crafts, construction and much more.

We encourage outdoor play whatever the weather so the children need a pair of wellies and waterproofs that can be left at nursery so as not to miss out on any winter weather or puddle play!

Aprons are provided for messy play and water, although this does not always stop children's clothing becoming wet or dirty. We therefore ask that children are provided a spare set of clothing that can be left in a bag on the children's pegs.

 Food and Allergies

Snack is available during the morning and afternoon sessions. The children can choose from 1 to 2 different fruits or vegetables. They are offered milk or water to drink (please inform us if your child has a milk allergy so we can offer an alternative) and the children are supported in such a way as to develop independence at pouring and maintaining a clean and tidy snack area.

If your child has an allergy to any food, staff must be informed. We do not allow children to share their food to protect children with allergies. 

Key Person

Each child is allocated a 'key person' when they start nursery. The key person will undertake a home visit to get to know the child and his/her parents/carers in their home environment. This gives us time to get to know the child's likes and dislikes and gives parents/carers time to ask any questions they may have.

Alongside other staff, the child's key person will care for them, and observe their progress and report to parents. 


Our topics across the year and how we deliver them are outlined in the documents below.

Our floor book reflects our learning journey, as do the weekly updates on the Little Seedlings page of the website