Early Years


Welcome to the Early Years page, which we hope you will find as friendly and informative as the setting itself.

Our Early Years team is led by Mrs Tomlin and the staff work closely to ensure the children enjoy a positive start to their educational journey.


At Spring Meadow our children are kind and resilient young people who acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and compete in the diverse world in which they live. They are independent explorers who are curious and proactive, always seeking out answers to new questions and ideas. Their kindness and compassion enable them to live and grow in a safe and considerate world. In the Early Years, we are aspirational as well as inspirational. Challenge is always present and in our safe and  secure  setting  children  feel  confident  to  give  new  things  a  try.  The  children are  supportive  of  each other and  help  their  peers  to  succeed  when  these  challenges  present  themselves.  Our children are wonderful individuals with individual needs and we always ensure these are met and every child and family feels fully included at all times.

Our  early  years  setting  follows  the  curriculum  as  outlined  in  the 2021 statutory  framework  of  the  EYFS. It is progressive in terms of skills and knowledge with the aim of the children achieving the intended Early Learning Goals by the time they reach the end of their year in Reception.

We deliver this through a combination of structured teaching, open ended challenges and child initiated learning in a calm, inspiring environment, which is well organised, and promotes the use of natural resources both inside and out, as much as possible.