Spring Meadow Unit

Spring Meadow  Unit


Spring Meadow Unit is a specialist provision for up to 10 children aged between 4 and 7 years old. The children who join us will have an Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP). Our provision specialises in children with non-verbal autism.

Our provision is a small, quiet, and calm learning environment where children’s personal educational needs are being met. The children are taught using a TEACCH approach and therefore the curriculum provided is personalised in order to meet each child’s individual development needs. (TEACCH = Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication Needs of Children

There is a large focus on developing children’s life skills including social, emotional, and their speech and language needs. Specific programs such as Attention Autism, Identiplay,  Play Circle, Drum Fit and Forest School are used as well as the consistent and regular teaching of basic Maths and English skills.

Spring Meadow Unit has the main teaching classroom 'Clover', as well as a sensory room. Children in the Unit play in the school’s main playground at times throughout the day. Children are supported well by key staff to ensure play is a happy and successful event during each school day.
Clover Classroom:

Clover classroom provides a safe, calm space for the children. The children follow a visual timetable of the day.
The Sensory Room:

The sensory room is specifically designed to support our children with a variety of learning needs. It is a space where a child can sit and wonder and dream as well as being a space where a child can interact with the different resources and play excitedly in a safe and exciting environment. The room features bubble machines, light streams, balls, moving images, and sparkling skies, to name just a few. Children sometimes visit the sensory room on their own with adult support, other times they will work in the space with friends to share their experiences.
The Unit Provision:

Clovers provision is a wonderful environment and our children are settled, happy, and make very good progress during their time with us. We encourage you to come and visit us to find out what we can offer children with autism. All places are allocated by the local authority Statutory Assessment Team and we are unable to take any applications directly from parents.
Contact Information:

If you would like to visit us please contact the school office on 01353 664742 and ask for an appointment to meet with Mrs Toth who is Clover Teacher or Miss Cross our Assistant Headteacher and SENDCo.