Autumn 2

Welcome to the Year 2 class pages!
Here you will find regular updates of our current learning, ways to help at home and knowledge organisers for each subject. Please have a look at these updates with your child and find time to talk about the new skills and knowledge. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to come and talk to us or email the school office. Thank you for your support, we look forward to working with you and your children!
Bunny coding game:
Google algorithms drawing game:
Please click below to read the Knowledge Organisers for each subject for this half term. This information will help you to support your child with their current learning.
Week 6
This week Year 2 have worked really hard to build their Ferris wheels. They worked in teams to make a stable structure, a rotating wheel pods for the passengers. 
In History we have been learning so many interesting facts about the Romans. This week we created fact files to record our knowledge of Roman towns, Roman baths, and even Roman toilets!
In English we are nearly ready to write our own versions of Cinderella. This week we created a class innovation of the story, changing some of the characters. Foxglove chose a magical unicorn instead of a Fairy Godmother. Please talk to your child about their ideas ready for next week! We  can't wait to read their stories.
Week 5 
We have been working hard this week!
In Maths we have been looking at 2D shapes, naming them, the groups they fall under and looking at sides and verticies (Corners). for example - a square is a quadrilateral and has 4 sides and 4 verticies. 2D shapes always have the same number of sides as verticies so we do not have to count both!
Please speak to your children about what they have learned as it will help them to remember this very vocab heavy topic!
In English they have been learning the story of Cinderella with the aim of writing their own version soon and in History they have been learning about the Romans in Britain. 
Finally, This Friday we walked to St Mary's Church for some singing and learned more about the story of the Nativity! Thank you to all of you that came and helped with the walk and watched!
Week 4
This week we had a visit from the British Transport Police. We learnt about how to keep safe around train stations and railways. We heard about the role of the transport police and had a turn sitting in the police car. We enjoyed trying on the uniform! 
In DT we worked really hard to try and build our model Ferris wheels out of cardboard and lolly sticks. We used lots of tape and had to work hard as a team!
Week 3 
Another action packed week for year 2! In maths we have been working hard on finding the difference using subtraction and are preparing for our new unit on shapes. In English we finished our hot writes on setting description and were very impressed with the results! In Science we went exploring for micro habitats and the animals that live in them. Finally, we finished off our week by starting to build the ferris wheels we have been designing for DT. 
Keep up the hard work Year 2!
Week 1
Welcome back to school after the break! This week Year 2 have started some interesting new units of work across the curriculum. Please have a look at the Knowledge Organisers and chat with your child about some of the ideas.
In English we are continuing our work on writing descriptions of settings. The children are learning to use some challenging techniques to enhance their writing - fronted adverbials, similes, sentences of 3 and some really super adjectives. You can help at home by encouraging your child to describe everyday objects and activities using lots of great adjectives.
In Maths we are continuing to learn 'Addition and Subtraction'. We have had to solve some tricky problems adding 2-digit numbers and some of them cross ten (such as 23 + 38). We have found that we really need quick recall of our number bonds to 10. Please practise these at home - quiz each other on ways to make numbers up to 10. There are some links to songs below to help you. Any questions please come and see us.