Summer 1

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Here you will find regular updates of our current learning, ways to help at home and topic knowledge organisers. Please have a look at these updates with your child and find time to talk about what they have been doing in class.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to come and talk to us or email the school office. Thank you for your support, we look forward to working with you and your children.
Week 6
This week we have done lots of work with shapes. Making patterns, fitting shapes together and using them to make new and larger shapes. Some of us have also been folding shapes in half to create new shapes. Alongside this we have also been exploring new construction toys and working out how we can fit them together to build and create different shape models.
In art we all had a go at ripping paper to create pictures of jungles and also added a tiger using black and orange paper. 
In music this half term we have been listening to real pieces of music by famous artists  like Stevie Wonder. All the music has had really funky rhythms and we have had fun playing along and dancing! 
Week 5
What a wet week we have had!  Some of us have really enjoyed splashing in puddles and things like snails that the wet weather has made us see!  We have also brought the water inside with bubbly water to wash  the royal tea sets. 
We also enjoyed a great new online sensory story about a king who didn't like the dark. All the children wore a crown and we also played with lots of lights including disco lights!  Here is the link if you would like to watch it again.
Some of us have also been learning bout the government and how they make important choices for the country. We talked about voting and had a go at voting for the story we would like that day. Zog won the vote and we all listened to it. 
In art we have learnt about the artist Henri Rousseau who liked to use his imagination to paint places like jungles. We painted a tropical background using watery paint and we are now ripping paper to create trees and leaves to look like a  jungle. 
Week 4
At the end of last week we all enjoyed a visit from Reuben the school dog. The children loved stroking him, holding his lead and feeling his tail brush past them. 
We are all becoming more engaged in sensory circuits in the mornings, especially with the balance boards which some of us are using independently now. 
In art we have continued looking at the artist Hundertwasser who used bright colours and wavy lines to create his pictures. Some of us took part in a collaborative piece of art where we drew a castle in the style of Hundertwasser. The children chose pillars, arches, turrets using pictures to communicate and we used chalk pastels to decorate it. 
At Forest School we were able to go pond dipping using nets. We tipped out our finds in a tray of water and saw lots of small water beetles. 
Week 3
This week we have continued with our theme of Kings and Queens. We have explored different dressing up clothes and acted out the King or Queens coronation with robes, a crown, orb and sceptre. 
In art we used blocks to print a castle or a palace which we have displayed in the corridor. Some of us used some new vocabulary including arch, pillar, stone, turret and column. We also got very messy using chalk pastels in vibrant colours after looking at work produced by an artist called Hundertwasser. 
 Finally we had some warm sunshine for Forest School. We all enjoyed walking through areas where the plants have started to grow very tall! 
Week 2
We loved our trip to the farm last week. It was lovely to see so many children engaging in new experiences and enjoying the sensory aspect of the trip by touching different animals. 
This week we have continued with our Kings and Queens topic and looked at photographs of Buckingham palace inside and outside and Windsor castle. We watched clips of the Kings guards. 
We are enjoying new learning in our TEACCH drawers and are all successfully completing activities with the support from adults in the classroom. Some of us are also becoming a lot more independent with our learning. 
We had another great Forest School session exploring farm animals in the mud, swings and bubbles. 
Week 1
Welcome back after the Easter break. It was great to see all the children again. We began the week by watching the clips of the butterflies that hatched during the holidays. We managed to catch one of them actually hatching which the children were fascinated by. 
We have enjoyed being back with each other and welcoming a new friend too. We have started a new topic about Kings and Queens. We looked at photographs of the Royal family as well as thrones, crowns and flags. We made our own crowns using sequins and gems. 
We loved bring out at Forest School this week and seeing all the blossom that is out on the trees. We also made some puddles and enjoyed the swing and bubbles. 
We are very much looking forward to our trip to the farm tomorrow (Photographs to follow next week).