Autumn 2

Take a look at our suggestions each week to see what local adventures you can have.
Our topic this half term is Transport: Past and Present. Please see below for more details about our learning.
Week Ending Friday 22nd December
Reception have had a fun final few days at school before the Christmas holidays. 
On Monday afternoon we had such a fun time at the reception Christmas party! We enjoyed party food, dancing, games and (paper) snowball fights! 
On Tuesday we enjoyed hosting some of our parents at our Festive Village. Unfortunately the weather was against us so we could not enjoy being outside in our forest school like planned but we made the best of it and enjoyed reindeer food making, Christmas decoration making, photobooth fun and a special visit from Santa himself! 
Today we all came to school in our pyjamas to enjoy The Polar Express! We sat and watched the first part of the movie but stopped when it came to the hot chocolate part to each collect a train ticket. We said "all aboard!" and travelled down our winter train track to the hall where we sat by our Christmas trees to enjoy hot chocolate with marshmallows! 
We have had such a fun, festive final few days in school and hope that all of the children enjoy their Christmas holidays! 
Week Ending Friday 15th December
This week we have been very busy with all things Christmas!!!
We performed our nativity show to the school on Monday afternoon, then to parents on Tuesday and Wednesday. The children had practiced the songs and their words so hard before the real performances and so they should be so proud of themselves! Thank you to all of the parents that came to watch them, we hope you enjoyed it. 
On Thursday we walked to The Maltings for our very own Spring Meadow showing of Robin Hood! The children enjoyed watching the panto. They loved joining in with the cheering, booing, clapping and dancing! It was such a fun experience for all of us! 
Alongside all of this we have also been busy using our fine motor skills to make candy canes, Christmas cards and Christmas wreaths! 
Week Ending Friday 8th December
This week we have been getting excited about Christmas in Reception. Carrying on from our gingerbread chaos last week we have been making our own gingerbread men in different ways, some of these we have hung on our Christmas tree!
We have been getting ready for our Nativity performances next week by rehearsing our lines. We thought it would be a good idea to learn more about The Nativity Story so we have been looking at different Nativity books and we have had a try at sequencing the story. 
In maths we have been continuing with our positional language and so we decided to have a try at using the Beebots! We really enjoyed using these and programming them to follow our directions. We found it a bit tricky trying to get them from one child to another but we kept trying different routes for the Beebots to follow. 
On Thursday we had a special visit from the charity Sustrans who encouraged us to 'bling our bikes' (and scooters!). They also showed us how to make Christmas tree sprockets! Then we had our special Christmas lunch with the rest of the school and all of the teachers. We enjoyed our lunch with Christmas music and Christmas crackers! 
Week Ending Friday 1st December
At the start of this week we discovered a big mess outside the dinner hall after lunch! We could see flour covering the floor with tiny little footsteps going through it. 
We discussed as a class what could have made this mess and who could have left the tiny footprints and we used magnifying glasses to investigate closely. We found some clues but could still not work out who may have been the mess maker so we wrote letters to Mrs Fielding asking her to check the school cameras. To our surprise we found a video of the culprit making the mess in the hallway, it was... the gingerbread man! 
We made wanted posters to find the gingerbread man and displayed them all over reception!
This week our topic has been moving toys. We have been exploring how toys move with wheels and learning about how axles work. We then had a go at designing and creating our own moving toy in the construction and junk modelling areas!
In maths we have been practicing using our positional language with words like in, on, left, right. We have been using this language all around the classroom to describe where things are and where things go when tidying up. 
We finished the week with a walk to St Mary's Church for a special Christmas event. All of reception walked so well there and back. After returning to school we decided to get into the Christmas spirit by decorating the classroom, listening to Christmas music and making our own decorations!
50 things to do before you're 5!
This week we would love reception to try #30 Brrr!/the-50-things-activities
Week Ending Friday 24th November
Travelling to the South Pole is what we have been learning about in our topic this week and reception have really enjoyed it. They have enjoyed role playing explorers and pretending to be Ernest Shackleton. They have enjoyed talking about cold places and what they might pack if they were going to explore the South Pole. They have enjoyed painting pictures of cold landscapes, sensory play with ice and using broom handles as skis in the outdoor provision! 
We have also linked in our story 'Lost and Found' with the topic this week and reception have enjoyed creating their own version of Lost and Found but changing the penguin character to an animal that normally lives in hot places! They have used their phonics knowledge to have a try at writing words and sentences to go with their story creation. 
On Tuesday we were lucky enough to be visited by a police officer from the British Transport Police. He kindly showed the children different uniform that police officers wear, which they all enjoyed trying on! They also got to sit in the police car and turn on the lights and siren! We reminded the children how this links back to when we were learning about People Who Help Us in Autumn 1 half term. 
50 things to do before you're 5!
This week we would love reception to try #16 The Wheels on the Bus!/the-50-things-activities
Week Ending Friday 17th November
This week we have been learning about how transport of the past was different to the transport of today, and reception have been looking at George Stephenson's steam train, the Rocket. They have also designed transport of the future and they have drawn pictures of what they think it will look like. Reception have enjoyed creating their own trains within the provision both indoors and outdoors. 
In maths we have started to learn about our number bonds to five and breaking a 'whole' into two 'part's. We have practiced doing this using objects to represent numbers. 
Today we celebrated Children In Need. The children enjoyed talking about what the day is in aid of and creating their own Pudsy ears! 
50 things to do before you're 5!
This week we would love reception to try #34 Ready Steady Blow!/the-50-things-activities
Week Ending Friday 10th November
This week we have been continuing our transport topic by learning about transport on sea and transport on land. We designed our own boats, deciding which materials would be best to use, and then tested whether they would float or sink. 
On Tuesday we had some special visitors who acted out Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime for the whole school. Reception really enjoyed this and loved using the Jack and the Beanstalk puppets to act out the story afterwards. 
In maths we have been finding one less within 5. We have used number stories with first, then and now to help us find one less. 
Today we have been celebrating Diwali. We have made and decorated our own salt dough diya lamps, looked at henna patterns and have coloured rice to make our own rangoli patterns. We enjoyed dancing and singing, and tasting some Diwali dishes!
50 things to do before you're 5!
This week we would love reception to try #28 Whee, Bang, Whizz
Fireworks are colourful, noisy and exciting. Spot fireworks.!/the-50-things-activities
Week Ending Friday 3rd November
Reception have had a fun filled first week back after half term! We have started our new topic 'Transport'. We have spoken about different types of transport, how we get to school and how to travel safely. We have enjoyed our role play petrol station in the garden and have been using the class scooters to make journeys around the outdoor provision.
We linked our topic of transport to mathematics by creating a class pictogram to show us how we all get to school in the morning! We have also been exploring adding one more and we have used number stories to help us with this. 
In phonics we have now split into groups to continue to develop our phonics knowledge. We have enjoyed playing different Fred games to build on our segment and blending skills. Linking into our writing is our firework poem that we have been focusing on. We have enjoyed using words like 'boom', 'bang', 'whoosh' to describe fireworks and we have had a try at writing some of these words! Some of us painted firework pictures using different tools (forks, sponges, paintbrushes) but some of us used conkers to create conker rolling paintings! Following the wet weather we have had, we had a go at making fireworks in the huge puddles using powder paints and loved looking at the patterns that this made in the water. 
50 things to do before you're 5!
This week we would love reception to try #46 Fantastic Paper Folding
These activities are suitable for children aged 2 and up, but children may be interested in flying paper planes, long before they can fold one themselves!!/the-50-things-activities