Autumn 1


Little Seedlings (Nursery)
Please find below the Knowledge Organiser for Autumn Term 1, which is 'All about me'
Welcome to Little Seedlings class page! Visit each week to see what fun we have been having and what we have been learning.
Week ending 8th September
The children have enjoyed their first week in Nursery and have settled in well to the routine. They have been getting to know each other and starting to form some new friendships. They have been busy exploring the learning environment inside and outside.
Week ending 15th September
This week we have been learning that our body has many different parts and our faces are all different. We drew around one of our friends and then we added labels to name the different parts of the body. We have been looking in a mirror at our face and then we used a paper plate and other materials to create our face.
Week ending 22nd September
This week the children have learned that we grow and change from when we were born. We have been talking about families coming in all shapes and sizes and that some live in different houses. We made our School Family Tree and discussed how we all look after each other, we celebrate with one another and we help each other.
If you would like to send in any family photographs that we could display in the children's home corner it would be lovely for the children to see and talk about their family.
Week ending 29th September
This week we have been talking about 'Where I Live'. We looked at a map of Ely and some of the local land marks. We took some photos of our playground and then made a map using different materials. The children have had a lot of fun using the Beebots. They have learnt how to program them to go backwards and forwards.