Autumn 1


Tulip (Year 2)
Welcome to the Year 2 class pages!
Here you will find regular updates of our current learning, ways to help at home and knowledge organisers for each subject. Please have a look at these updates with your child and find time to talk about the new skills and knowledge. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to come and talk to us or email the school office. Thank you for your support, we look forward to working with you and your children!
Knowledge organisers
Please have a look at the knowledge organisers with your child. These summarise the learning for each subject this half term. There is some really interesting knowledge! Please find time to chat with your child everyday about their new learning.
Week 3
This week we continued our DT work on 'A Healthy Balanced Diet' by tasting different combinations of foods from the different food groups. We gave the combinations marks out of 5 and an adjective to describe it - some got 5/5 'tasty' and others 0/5 'disgusting'! We chose our favourite combination for our wrap filling and we will be making our recipe in the coming weeks.  Have a look at the 'Eatwell plate' at home (below) and discuss how to eat a balance of different foods for health.
In Art we have been mixing paint to create different colours. This week we created lighter tints of blue by adding white and darker shades of blue by adding black. This was a tricky task! We had to persevere to add tiny amounts to gradually change the colour. Have a look at some of our work below.
Week 2
This week has been another action packed five days! In English we have investigated a mysterious creature's tracks that we later found out to be a dragon, and are currently working on writing a letter of instruction to its owner...
In maths we have been tackling tricky questions with numbers up to one-hundred. This has been tough but our year 2's have shown great resilience and worked hard to find the answers!
In the afternoons and Friday morning we have made a start on our new topic subjects including Science, RE, Art, PSHE, PE, Computing, Geography, Music and DT. 
Keep up the hard work year 2 and we look forward to having you back next week!
Week 1
It has been an amazing first week in Year 2! The children have returned from the Summer break ready to learn, eager to make friends and keen to follow the routines. We have been practising our Phonics, talking and writing about our holidays and learning about Numbers to 100 in Maths.
In the afternoons we have been reading and discussing a book called 'I Want My Hat Back' - we enjoyed making hats for Bear, writing instructions for him to make his own hat and playing some exciting games to think about who might have stolen the hat! Please ask your children wo tell you about their learning this week.