Spring 1

Welcome to the Year 1 class pages!
Here you will find regular updates of our current learning, ways to help at home and knowledge organisers for each subject. Please have a look at these updates with your child and find time to talk about the new skills and knowledge. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to come and talk to us or email the school office. Thank you for your support, we look forward to working with you and your children!
Knowledge organisers
Please have a look at the knowledge organisers with your child. These summarise the learning for each subject this half term. There is some really interesting knowledge! Please find time to chat with your child everyday about their new learning.
Week 6 - 16/02/24
And just like that we are half way through the year!
This week we wrapped up our RE unit with a trip to St Mary's Church. The children took part in a carousel of activities all about 'The Church'. They went on an iSpy features of a church hunt, explored their senses through listening to music and discussed why Christian go to church.
In English the children independently wrote their magic pot story and in Maths they were taught how to find the different between two numbers, through solving missing number problems. In art they painted their gargoyles and in DT they decorated their hand puppets, we launch rockets, collected data and even had some time to play. 
Have a lovely break Poppy Class. I will see you in a week!
Week 5 - 09/02/24
This week in Poppy class the children have innovated our class story, coming up new main characters and what food fills their magic pot. In Math we continue to work with numbers within 20, adding and subtracting using a tens frame and number line.
On Tuesday we took part in Safer Internet Day, the theme was ‘Inspiring change. Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online’ the children talked about change and how that can affect our emotions. In Art they worked together to design a building that would house penguins, they had to think about where they would sleep, eat and play. The children then built prototypes out of junk model. In Geography the children learnt what Urban and Rural meant and what that looked like in England and we continued our unit on the UK.
Week 4 - 02/02/24
Another busy, hands-on week completed!
Poppy class began the week by making pinch pots out of playdough, these pots were magic and could do anything the children wanted. We had some wonderfully imaginative ideas from freezing time to teleportation and some simply made endless amounts of hot chocolate. In Maths we moved on to addition within 20, building our numbers bonds to 20 and making links to our number bonds to 10.
In Computing, the children finally built their rockets, following the instructions in the correct order to ensure success. In Geography, we learnt about Northern Ireland and discovered the Giant's Causeway was never build by an actual giant but was in fact cooled, cracked lava. In DT the children fastened their hand puppets using a method of their choice, either stapling or gluing. (see photos below)
Week 3 - 26/01/24
We started this week by making Fruit Kebabs in English, the children came up with an equipment list and created step by step instructions on how to make one. In Maths we have been working on Number lines and making educated/sensible guesses. The children have estimated amounts, where half would be and placing numbers in the correct place on a number lines - this was tricky as our number lines didn't always start at 0!
In DT the children began making their hand puppets by cutting their felt to the correct shape. In Art the children made their own stained glass windows and in Geography we learnt about Wales.
Week 2 - 19/01/24
In English this week the children came up with their own set of instruction on how to wash their desired animal, we had dirty dinos, skinny pig, sleepy tortoises and many more! 
In Science the focus has been on weather tools, learning that a rain gauge measures how much rain has fallen, and a thermometer measures the temperature. See if your child can remember what a weather vane shows.
In DT the children have designed their hand puppets ready to start making next week and in Computing the children drew Rockets on the iPads and compared it to drawing on paper. (See below)
Week 1 - 12/01/24
This week the children shared what they would like to improve on this year and wrote down their New Years Resolutions. We had a lot that wanted to improve on their golfing ability as well as other sports including ballet, football and basket ball! We also started our unit on instruction writing, learning how to wash a Woolly Mammoth. In Maths the children are now working on numbers up to 20, counting, ordering, building, drawing and some even manipulating them to gain a deep understanding.
In computing this week, the children continues their journey of instruction writing and typed an equipment list for making a rockets. They logged on, opened word, typed their lists out and saved them on the laptops. In DT we investigated the best way to join fabric felt together in preparation of making their own hand puppets in the coming weeks. We got messy with PVA glue and carefully joined the felt using a stapler.