Spring 1

Our topic this half term is Space. Please see the Knowledge Organiser below for a flavour of what the children will be learning. 
Keep an eye on our weekly updates for linked suggestions from the '5o Things to do Before You're 5' app.
Week Ending Friday 16.02.24
This week we have finished our work on space and spent lots of time thinking about Lunar New Year. This year it is the year of the dragon and we have spent time writing our names in Chinese, completing dragon dances and making our very own dragons in the workshop area. As always, the children have been really busy with their phonics and we are so proud of the progress every child has made this half term. 
We have also looked at the poem 'Zim Zam Zoom' and have created actions to go along with the words. This ended up with creating our own versions of the poem with our own ideas. 
You may have seen Mrs Suswain in Bluebells this week on Wednesday and Thursday. She is going to be in Bluebells on those days until the end of the year with Mr Brough doing the other days.. She is amazing and we are really looking forward to welcoming her into reception. 
Finally have an amazing half term and we look forward to seeing all of the children on Monday 26th February. 
Week ending Friday 2nd February
The children have had an exciting week discovering star constellations, solar systems and galaxies and finding out just how tiny we are! They used the light table, stars and straws and stickers and chalk to create star constellations, and some children really challenged themselves with the constellation they chose. 
The work of Jackson Pollock proved to be a real inspiration. We looked at warm and cold colour palettes and created both large scale and small scale Jackson Pollock inspired paintings using drips and splats!
Story telling skills continued to be developed and showcased as the children created story maps (both on paper and outside with props) based on the story Whatever Next.
50 thing do do before you're 5
Try #31 Boing!
Children need to be physically active if they’re going to be healthy - jumping, bouncing and hopping skills take some learning and lots of practice. You can try exploring springs and coils with this one too… Remember slinkies on stairs?
Week Ending Friday 26th January
This week we have been looking at our solar system and learning all about the planets in it!
We have been talking about the order of the planets, how the planets are different, how they are different colours and what it would be like to live on the different planets.
We have been creating planets in all different ways from making playdough solar systems to shaving foam paint planets! 
In maths we have continued to use different objects to help us physically represent quantities in order to compare quantities within 10, using our key words 'more' and 'fewer'. 
All of reception loved our music lesson this week where we used the musical instruments to share and perform 'five little monkeys jumping on the bed', 'wind the bobbin up' and 'rock-a-bye-baby' and they loved dancing along to ABC by The Jackson 5! 
50 things to do before you're 5!
This week we would love reception to try #31Boing!
Week Ending Friday 19th January
This week we have continued with our topic of space by learning about astronauts and the International Space Station! Have a look at some of the children making their own space stations with different types of construction! 
We set up our own 'Astronaut Bootcamp' so that we can begin astronaut training! We tried out moonwalking, stargazing, rocket launching and some of the children even set up their own gym to get strong like astronauts! 
We have also enjoyed reading Aliens Love Underpants (and decorating and counting underpants!) and Whatever Next! Both are exciting book that fit in with our space topic!
We have continued to make great use of manipulatives in maths to help us represent objects that we are counting. 
50 things to do before you're 5!
This week we would love reception to try #27 See the Stars!
Week Ending Friday 12th January
Reception have had a great first week back after Christmas! 
We have split back into our groups phonics to securely learning our phonics sounds and to continue to segment and blend words. 
In maths we have been learning our numbers in 10 and we have been focusing on using the maths resources to represent different numbers within 10 on our tens frames. 
We have started our new topic, Space, and we have been looking at the planet we live on and why astronomers look into space with telescopes to learn new things. 
We have now finished dance on a Monday so will be following our own PE scheme on a Friday morning instead. We kindly ask that the children can bring their PE kits to school in a separate bag to be kept on their peg so that they can begin to practice the skill of independently dressing themselves. 
Bluebells will also now take their turn for forest school on a Wednesday afternoon for the rest of this half term.
50 things to do before you're 5!
This week we would love reception to try #8 Bubbles
"Bubble play is a brilliant all round activity – it’s something you can do in most weathers, all seasons and it’s really simple to set up. Without realising, your child will be developing all kinds of physical skills that will help them in other areas of learning. They will also get the chance to hear you using some unusual words they might not get to hear in daily life. Having these fun experiences and learning through play is what the early years is all about! It’s something simple that everyone can get involved in – neighbours, friends, grandparents, pets! Everyone loves bubbles!"