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Meet the Team:
Class Teacher - Mrs Jones
Teaching Assistant - Mrs Thompson
Please see below the Knowledge Organisers for Spring 2. These will show you what we are learning about and help you to support your child with the key vocabulary and concepts.
Week commencing 13th March 
We completed our chairs for baby bear and tested the finished models. were that strong enough to hold the teddy? How could we make them more stable? This was a challenge - we really had to persevere to complete the chairs and make them strong enough to hold the bear. Have a look at the photos of some of our finished work. 
In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We had to remember some important facts:
A half is one of 2 equal parts and a quarter is one of 4 equal parts. We used these facts to help us find halves and quarters of shapes and amounts. We discovered that a half is the same as dividing by 2. We also found that we could find a quarter of a number by halving it then halving it again - for example:
I have 16 sweets and I need to share them between 4 friends. I can get 16 counters and share them equally into 4 groups. Or I can find half of 16...this is 8...and then half 8 to find a quarter. So, a quarter of 16 is 4.
Try this with different amounts at home. Find halves and quarters. Remember that the parts must be equal.
Week commencing 6th March
In DT we have been learning all about structures  - what makes them strong, stable and stiff. We tested various shapes and found that cylinders are the strongest as they have no corners. We also found that low structures with a wide base are more stable and several layers of paper make the structure stiff and strong so it will not bend or break. We used this knowledge to plan and begin making a chair for a teddy. 
Have a look at some of the photos of our Design and Technology chair building lesson. Maybe you could try out these ideas at home to make a chair for one of your toys. All you need is paper and tape (masking tape is easier). More photos to follow as we complete the project.
Week commencing 27th February
This week Year 2 have been learning all about Tudor Times. We learnt about what it was like to be a Tudor boy or girl and how life was different for rich and poor. Then we learnt about Henry VIII and his six wives. We enjoyed listening to the Horrible Histories song to help us learn about Henry and his wives. Follow the link below or type into google:
Week commencing 20th February
This week we have been learning the story of 'The Cobbler of Krakov and Smok the dragon. 
We told the story with actions and looked carefully at the text to find out all about the dragon. We used lots of powerful adjectives to describe the dragon and learnt how to use a thesaurus to find synonyms.
See below for the story and some examples of our work.
Week commencing 6th February
This week we finished making our moving monsters in Design Technology! We used used scissors to cut the head and jaw and monster features. We used split pins to create pivots in the linkage system and looked carefully at diagrams to correctly join each part and make the monster's jaw open and close. We all worked really hard and finished by evaluating how well our monsters work and what we would do differently to improve them.
In Music we have been using our new glockenspiels to compose melodies. In small groups we were challenged to compose, practise and perform a new piece of music with accompanying percussion, using different dynamics (volume) and timbre (quality of sound). It was a busy, noisy afternoon of creative sound making!...and a good opportunity to work on our team work skills.
Week commencing 30th January
This week we have been learning all about multiplication in Maths. We started off by making equal groups, adding equal groups and working out repeated additions. Then we learnt to draw arrays for different multiplications and write the number sentences for real life arrays. Arrays are grids with rows and columns. Each array shows 2 addition sentences and 2 multiplications e.g. Look at the photo of cakes arranged in rows and columns below and find:
3+3+3+3=12, 4+4+4=12, 3x4=12 and 4x3=12
Look at the other arrays. What addition and multiplication number sentences can you see? Remember that x also means 'lots of' or 'groups of'. Each row or column is a group and each group is equal. 
Week commencing 23rd January
This week in Art we finished our self-portraits. Please take a look and see who you can spot! The children worked very hard to learn how to plan out the position of facial features, how to mix skin tones, create different shades of hair colour and apply the paint to show some texture. We talked about how to represent emotions and interests in the portraits and everyone chose colours, shapes, patterns or pictures to represent something about themselves.
We were very fortunate to take delivery of a new set of glockenspiels to help us learn to play melodies on tuned percussion in our Music lessons. We worked in pairs to match the notes to the letter notation of our song and took turns to practise playing the tune while our partner sang the lyrics. Next week we will be composers and try to create our own melodies!
Week commencing 16th January
This term we have been learning calming breathing techniques and animal poses in our Yoga sessions in PE. Wren class indoor PE has moved to Mondays instead of Tuesdays, apologies for any confusion. Outdoor PE remains on Thursdays. Do ask your children to show you how they balance and hold themselves still as a starfish, seal, turtle and jellyfish! Encourage them to practise the breathing too. 
In Geography we are learning all about The British Isles, looking closely at maps to find out where each country is located and some of the geographical features of each one. This week we learnt about Scotland and next week we will be finding out about Ireland. Have a chat with your children and see if they can teach you any facts!
Week commencing 9th January
This week we have been continuing our work on 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne. We looked closely at some of the illustrations and thought of some powerful adjectives and interesting verbs and adverbs to describe different parts of the forest. We also drew our first 'story mountains', a type of story map that shows the build up of the story to the peak of the 'mountain' and how the problems are then resolved as the story comes back down the 'mountain'.
See below for a link to 'The Tunnel' story and an example of a 'story mountain' to illustrate a story.
Week commencing 5th January
Welcome back to Year 2 for the Spring term and Happy New Year to you all!
This term we have lots of exciting and interesting new learning. Here is a brief summary...
In English we started the term with creating our own colour spine poems. Next week we will begin learning about a portal story called 'The Tunnel' and using our imaginations to create our own stories.
In Maths we are learning the value of coins and notes and how to count up different coins to find the total.
In Geography we will be learning about the British Isles and various physical features as we compare different places.
In Science we have started learning about electricity. Please help your child to identify appliances in your home that use mains electric and those that have a battery.
In DT we will be learning about pivots, levers and linkages as we create a moving toy.
In Music we will be learning to play a familiar song using tuned percussion.
The Art project for the half term is portraits and self-portraits. As well as finding out about famous portraits from art history, the children will learn how to create a self-portrait.
Please have a good look at the Knowledge Organisers and support your child by talking about the vocabulary and key concepts for each one.
Week commencing 12th December
What a really busy few weeks we have had, so much new learning to share! 
We have particularly enjoyed learning about colour, shape and texture in Art. First we used charcoal to make rubbings of objects with interesting textures. Then we learnt how to use different media (pastels, crayons, pencils) to draw texture - by making marks in different ways to best represent the texture. We drew outlines of Winter clothing and tried hard to create the texture of the woolly mittens, the fluffy hat or the shiny waterproof jacket.
We have also enjoyed continuing to practise our cutting, drawing, colouring and paint mixing skills in a range of Christmas and Winter art and craft projects. Have a go at home to create your own pictures and patterns using different media. There are lots of ideas online for art projects to do at home.
Week commencing 28th November
This week we used our DT skills to construct our Ferris wheel models. We had to cut out lots of pieces, join them securely with tape and create a stable structure with a moving wheel. It was challenging work and we learnt a lot about how wheels and axles work and how to make structures stronger when they fell over! We also had plenty of practise at cutting to create the shapes we needed and using tape effectively to join the materials.
At the end of the week we made festive decorations for the classrooms, using our cutting and joining skills. It would be great for the children to keep on practising these skills at home, maybe by cutting out shapes to create Christmas and Winter decorations for your homes.
Week Commencing 5th December
In Science we have been learning all about Habitats. We started by finding out about the habitats on our school grounds and looked for microhabitats under logs, in the pond and in the trees. We have compared Rainforest and Desert habitats and found out how different plants and animals are adapted to survive in these environments. It was fascinating to learn about underground habitats too and we watched an interesting video about a rabbit warren. We ended our Science learning by finding out about food chains - we had to work out the producer (the plant) and the different consumers. We learnt that the food provides the energy that flows through the food chain. It was very interesting!
Have a look at these clips and websites at home to find out more about our learning in Science:
Week Commencing 21st November
This week Wren class visited Ely Museum to learn all about the Romans. We worked with Sarah to make a Roman timeline, we looked closely at Roman pottery and armour, and we tried our hand at being archaeologists! Despite the rainy walk, it was a great morning of learning. The Museum has some great interactive displays for all the family; please do try and find time to visit again with your children.
In DT we are continuing to work on our Ferris wheel project. The children are busy cutting and joining the pieces to make a working model with a wheel and axle on a frame and pods for the passengers. Photos of our work coming soon!
In Music we are learning to select instruments with a particular quality of sound (timbre) to match a character in the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We are learning how to change the tempo (speed) and dynamics (volume) to represent the feelings of the characters and the action that takes place.
In our English lessons we are continuing to learn how to write non-chronological reports. We learnt a fact file about 'Abominable Snowmen' and we are going to create our own fact files about 'Cats' using all the features we have learnt - headings, sub-headings, bullet points, paragraphs and generalisers. Watch this space - some of our finished fact files will be posted soon!
Week commencing 14th November
This week in Year 2 we were really lucky to have a visit from an archaeologist. He brought lots of interesting finds including a bronze age sword, a sickle head for harvesting wheat, 3000 year old food bowls and animal bones. He explained his job and how he pieces together all of the clues to find out how people lived in the past.
In Maths we have been doing some tricky Maths - to add together 2-digit numbers up to 100, adding the tens and then the ones. We drew the tens and ones as sticks and circles to help us, and tried using a number line to calculate the addition. Please do have a go at practising this at home.
In English we are finding out how to write information fact files, also called 'non-chronological reports'. We are learning how to organise facts into paragraphs with headings and sub-headings.
Week commencing 7th November
This week in Year 2 we have been learning all about algorithms in Computing. We created our own algorithms for building with different coloured bricks. In DT we have designed our Ferris wheel models, ready to start building next week. Thank you for your donations of cardboard, yoghurt pots and lolly sticks!
In History we have started learning about the Romans in Britain. We found out what the soldiers wore, how well trained and fed the army was and how they built bridges, roads and aquaducts.
Week commencing 31st October
It was great to start the half term with some new learning in all our subjects. Please have a good look at the Knowledge Organisers at the bottom of the class page. They will give you an insight into what we are studying this half term and hopefully they will inspire you to get some books out of the library or find some websites to look at together and support your child's learning.
In Art this week we learnt about Henri Matisse. The children watched a film to show Matisse at work later in life, developing his technique of 'painting with scissors'. The children enjoyed practising their scissor skills as they had a go at cutting organic shapes and arranging them to create compositions.
Have a look at the clip using the link below:
The text we are learning in English is 'Cinderella' - the children have been developing their acting skills to retell the story with mimes and actions to represent the different characters, settings and events. Ask your children to show you what they can remember.
Week Commencing 17th October
What a busy week Year 2 had again! We used all of our learning about descriptive writing to write our own descriptions of a desert setting, using lots of interesting adjectives and similes. In Science we put all of our knowledge of the digestive system, circulatory system, skeleton and muscles together into a drawing of the body. We named and labelled each of the parts and tried to remember lots of important vocabulary. In Maths we have been using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 and fact families to help us work out addition and subtraction with bigger numbers...e.g. If I know 2 + 3 = 5 then I know that 20 + 30 = 50. If I know 2 + 3 = 5 then I also know that 5 - 3 = 2 and 50 - 30 = 20.
At home you can help: Please practise recall of number bonds to 10.
Use these to help work out addition of 1 and 2-digit numbers e.g. 13 + 2 = 15 or 25 + 4 = 29 (we don't need to count on, we can use our number bonds to add the ones)
Also find time to practise counting forwards and backwards in 10s, 5s and 2s. There are some good counting songs on YouTube to support this such as Singing Walrus.
Week commencing 10th October
I am sure the children will agree...Year 2 have had an action packed week, full of exciting activities and new learning.
We finished our Geography project on maps and directions by going on a walk around the local area - we had to carefully follow the directions and use our maps to find the way back to school! We read road signs, looked for features and used our maps to decide on left or right at each junction. We all demonstrated great map skills and helped make sure we all got back to school. Thank you to all the parents who joined us and helped us to practise our map skills.
In Science this week we learnt about the circulatory system, following on from the digestive system last week. As well as classroom based learning, we went outside and created a our own circulatory system out of hoops, tunnels, spiky balls and cones! We took turns to be red blood cell, air or white blood cells, bringing oxygen into the body, carrying oxygen to and from the lungs and heart to all the parts of the body and working hard to fight germs!
We finished our Design Technology project by making and eating our own wrap recipe! We cut up the fillings carefully and learnt how to roll a wrap! We talked about which ingredients we had chosen from the different food groups, we decided whether our wrap was healthy and tasty. Finally we gave it a score out of 5. 
Please do ask your children to tell you all about this learning and other lessons from the week.
Week commencing 5th October 
This week we had a really interesting and messy Science lesson... We learnt all about the digestive system by making poo! First each group had to 'chew' the banana, crackers, weetabix and water (to represent saliva) in a plastic bag 'mouth' by squeezing and crushing it.
The food travelled down the 'oesophagus' and the bag then became the 'stomach', we added a little lemon juice for the stomach acid and continued breaking the food down with our hands. After that each group had to transfer the food from the corner of the bag into a leg of a pair of tights to represent the intestines. Finally the food was squeezed into a cup with a hole and another cup was used to push the poo out into the tray!
We learnt how the digestive system takes all the nutrients out of the food as it travels through the different stages until the waste is removed from the body as poo.
We found out how the body needs to keep replacing these nutrients by eating healthy food and this linked to our Design Technology task of tasting and choosing ingredients for a wrap to provide a balanced meal.
Week commencing 26th September
Once again we have had a busy week! We have been investigating our bodies and working out how our bones move. We have used our knowledge of our bones in gymnastics and put together sequences using balances. Our muscles have helped keep our bodies in place.
In English we completed our unit on instructions. We chose a creature and have created instructions how to feed them. We used adverbials of time and manner! Ask your child what these are, hopefully they will be able to give an example.
Week commencing 19th September 2022
This week in maths we have focused on place value. We have investigated why we write numbers the way we do. We have made numbers using equipment and looked at the value of the tens  and  ones columns. We have studied numbers to find the odd one out and used our knowledge of tens and ones to spot mistakes!
In Geography we have continued to improve our map drawing skills and we will then look at real maps and plan a route.
We had lots of fun learning about our skeleton and even danced to the skeleton dance song!
Week commencing 12th September.
We have had a very busy week!  The new Wren class have become a great team and all work extremely well together. I am very pleased to be their new class teacher.
We have started many different units of study. We have commenced our investigation into how our body works. We have mixed colour and produced art in the style of Kandinsky and began our Geography topic on maps where we have learnt the compass directions.