Welcome to our new Woodpecker Class page. Take a look to see what we have been busy learning.
Please find below the Knowledge Organisers for Summer Term 1 which will show you what we are learning about.
Week ending Friday 20th May 
The children have shown great resilience and independence this week when they've attempted their SATs maths and reading tasks, and should be proud of how hard they tried!
They have continued with their art work based on the classical Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur and have tried to replicate how famous artists have depicted different possible characteristics of the creature. Take a look at some of the pictures that were sketched using chalk for highlighting, and charcoal or pastels for creating shadows and mid-tones. Imaginations were sparked through both our art and our story writing this week as many children have continued their own learning at home after being inspired in school. There's a lot to be proud of this week! 
Week ending 13th May
In science the children have been blown away this week through the discovery that the largest desert on earth is Antartica! It really fired up their curiosity and lead to them asking lots of their own questions. Their ability to use chalk and charcoal to create highlights and shadows has been developed through further work on the minotaur and they have loved creating a stop motion animation using iPads in computing. In RE we have been learning about The holy Qu'ran. We're always busy learning in Year 2!
This week please support your child to read as much as possible and talk about what they have read. 
Could you also support them in telling the time (analogue). 
Select your level of challenge 1. telling o'clock and half past times
                                                     2. telling quarter past and quarter to times
                                                     3. telling times in 5 minute interval past the hour and to the hour
Week ending 5th May 2022
We've only had a four-day week but it's certainly been a busy one! We have explored how Picasso used eye shapes to show the characteristics of the Minotaur from the classic Greek myth, Theseus and the Minotaur and used what we found out to produce our own sketches. We then drew on this, and our own imaginations, when we wrote a character description for a new 'beast' which will feature in a story that we'll write next week. Our visit to forest school in science last week helped us to write about microhabitats as we continue to improve our writing skills.