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Knowledge organisers for this term.
Week beginning 14th November 2022
On Tuesday afternoon the children came face to face with real artefacts from the Bronze Age. A local archaeologist presented a variety of old everyday items from a site not too far from Ely. The children studied old pots, spearheads, animals remains, swords and so much more.
In Maths we have been sharing number stories to help us make sense of the learning. For example, 'There are 7 people on a bus, 4 get of at the next stop so 3 are left' we have used pictures to support this and our own drawing to help work out the answers.
In English, we finished our unit on character description through a Missing poster for Little Red Riding Hood. News came to us via a video link sent specifically to the children in Year 1 at Spring Meadow. She was last seen skipping through the deep dark woods holding a small basket. The children were asked to help find Little Red by creating Missing posters for her. Hopefully  through their descriptions she will be found, safe and sound.
 Week beginning 7th November 2022
This week in English we wrote 'Wanted' posters for the Big Bad Wolf (pictured below). After describing what he looks like the children came up with some additional information. For example, did you know he enjoys feasting on little pigs as well as little girls and in his spare time he likes to play games and do Maths.
In Maths this week we have started subtracting numbers within 10 by drawing the problem out. See below for an example.
In Art this week the children have extended their learning by creating line pictures out of different materials (pictured below). In RE we learnt about baptism and what this means to Christians and in Computing we experienced what could go wrong if an algorithm is not precise (Click here to watch 'What is an algorithm?). 
Week Beginning 31st October 2022
Welcome back Willow!
A super start to our week as we begin to use adjectives in our English work. Describing character from traditional tales in groups and ending the week by independently labelling monsters, we had some brilliant double adjective flying around - Sharp, white teeth and big, pointy horns!
In art this we we have been exploring the use of different lines (see pictures below), the children were taught step by step how to draw a simple penguin and then put what they had learnt into practise by drawing a park using the different lines taught. Ask your child if they can remember the names of the lines and even better show you what they look like!
In DT we started our unit on mechanism. The children made sliders using lolly sticks and their own drawings. During this lesson they had another opportunity to use what they had learnt in art by drawing the penguin and then extended their learning further by drawing the penguin a home. The penguin was then sellotaped to a lolly stick and could slide around the habitat they had drawn. 
Week Beginning 17th October
We have successfully made it to the end of our first half term and the children have already made phenomenal progress.
This week in English, we finished our unit on instructions with the children coming up with their own rhyming spells.
In Maths we have started learning about number bonds up to 10 and finding different ways to partition numbers.
We have ended our week by using our senses in science! The children got to smell, taste and touch various foods and materials, after which they gave their opinion. Chocolate was a hit!
It is now time for a well earned break and your children certainly deserve it. I would like to say a big WELL DONE and THANK YOU to Willow class. What a brilliant start to the year! 
Week Beginning 10th October 2022
This week we finished writing up our instructions for smoothie making and together read a new story about a witch and her cat, 'Meg and Mog'. This is in preparation for inventing our own spells next week!
We finished our Design Technology project through sharing our thoughts on the smoothies we made last week. The children were shocked by how much they enjoyed a smoothie featuring spinach or cucumber!
In history this week, the children learnt about what archaeologists do for a job and what kind of artefacts they have found (on Must Farm in Whittlesey) in order to learn about human life, many years ago. We discussed what archaeologist might find, in years to come if they came across their homes, 'toys' and 'teddy' were popular answers!
In Maths this week we have moved on from representing, writing and comparing numbers to 10 and have now started to partition, introducing the plus sign (See example below). 
Week beginning 3rd October 2022
Once again we end the week with a new and exciting, hands on experience. The children in Year 1 took a dislike to spinach last week and yet this week, the spinach smoothie was a favourite! (Find a link for the smoothie recipes below.)
In Maths we have finished our first unit on counting, ordering and comparing numbers and objects up to 10.  We're now starting to partition numbers within 10 as we delve in to addition and subtraction in the coming weeks.
Week beginning 26th September 2022
This week we have moved on from poetry and started looking at instructions. See if your child can remember the actions for the time connectives used - ‘First, Then, Next, After that and Finally’. To help us remember our instructions we had a go at following some on how to make a jam sandwich. Yum yum!

In DT this week we have continued our theme of food tasting and tried a variety of fruit and vegetables. Strawberries and bananas were a big hit, spinach wasn’t so popular. Maybe they’ll change their minds next week when they try it in a smoothie!


Week beginning 19th September 2022


Continuing with poetry, this week Willow have been learning about rhyming couplets. We have made up actions and words to a new poem ‘Spaghetti, Spaghetti’ see the words below and ask you child if they remember the actions!


During our PSHE circle time, the children came up will 9 simple rules for us to follow, to help maintain a safe and happy classroom.
In DT the children have enjoyed learning the difference between fruit and vegetables and where they grow - underground, above ground or in a tree/brush/vine. We’ve played games to help us remember and been surprised by some of the findings - did you know rhubarb, botanically, is a vegetable and peppers and cucumbers are fruits. See if your child can remember why?!



Week beginning 12th September 2022
The children in Willow this week have worked extremely hard and coped really well in learning the new routine of Year 1.
It's been an exciting week in English as we start the year with poetry. The children have been touching, tasting, smelling and looking at the different characteristics of Jelly, learning the words to and making up actions for 'Jelly on a Plate'. See if your child can remember any words or actions for some of the other fun food poems we came up with. 
Our afternoons have been equally as busy as we have been learning about primary and secondary colours in Art, what is meant by the past and present in History and discussing how it feels and what it means to belong, as the children share with their peers the different clubs and communities they belong to. I for one feel very lucky to belong to Willow class. They should be very proud of what they have achieved this week already.