Weekly Update 30th September 2022

Friday 30th September 2022

Headteacher's Message 

Dear Parents and Carers,

I do enjoy speaking to you all the gate in the morning, please do come and speak to me (although I am bringing my winter coat out next week!) I especially enjoyed being mistaken for Mrs Fielding this week, it made me feel young again! The children have been busy learning in school this week and I have the opportunity to show the local authority around each classroom. It was fabulous to see the classroom working walls in Year 1 and Year 2, they have been learning so many wonderful things as part of our curriculum. Did you know that in English we use a method called Talk for Writing? The children have been using this method in Year 2 to write their own non-fiction text and in Reception they have been using this to retell the Owl Babies stories. Ask your child if they can remember any of the actions for Talk for Writing (in the classrooms they have photographs of the staff demonstrating the actions!) or if they can retell the text they are learning.


I was delighted to be approached by a parent this week, who has kindly offered to try and do some much needed fundraising for the school, details of how you can help will hopefully follow soon. To finish off my week nicely, two parents have been in touch to say they are interested in the Parent Governor vacancies (I’ll be in touch when I am back on Monday).

If you would like to volunteer in school, maybe with readers, or in the library or another way, do come and speak to us as it would be great to have volunteers in school again.

Remember, you are late in the morning if Martin, our lovely crossing patrol has left his post (unless your child is in Nursery) so please report to the school office and complete an late slip. I must say though, this week (the closed road aside) your arrival times at school have greatly improved. The whole school does phonics at 9am, the children are in different groups across the school so it is vitally import they arrive on time. 

Best wishes, 

Maria Higgins 

Interim Headteacher

Additional Updates/Information

Harvest Festival- To celebrate harvest, we are going to have a whole school assembly on Monday. The children will be thinking about what harvest is and why it is important. They will also be learning the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow song. 

New to You Uniform Sale, Monday 3rd October 2022- Just a reminder that the New to You Uniform Sale will be taking place on Monday. It will be open from 2.45pm. All being well, if it is dry, it will be on tables outside the school office. There is no set price for items, it is all just pay what you can afford. There will a collection pot to place money in.