Weekly Update 2nd December 2022

Monday 5th December 2022
Apologies this did not go out on Friday!

Headteacher's Message 

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for your support with keeping the children safe last week. Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions in school to keep everyone safe and last week was one of those weeks I am afraid. We have yet again had to change the gate padlock code because this had been shared, so people were unlocking the gate to let cars in when it was not safe - the padlock code was the same as those across the whole school, which is why we did not want it shared. It is also not safe to have pedestrians and vehicles mixing, which is why we restrict access.

I have been in touch with the local authority and the Local Highways Officer for Ely with my concerns about the railings at the front of the school.  I feel that  a gap should be created in the railings, but the main reason the railings were put in to protect the children from mixing with vehicles coming into the infant school. This is why the vehicle gates remain closed and staffed during start  of the school day. Opening the railings will provide safety of members of the public and the school community for when they are coming and returning to the large housing estate at the end of High Barns once the pedestrian gates in the school are closed. I have been informed the Junior school won’t meet the criteria for a Zebra crossing. They might be able to get work done via a Local Highways bid which is up to £15,000 but they would be expected to (usually) match fund what you get. A zebra costs around £24.000.  This would not be a quick fix as there is currently a waiting time of about 18 months. Many of you have offered to send letters to support getting the railing opened, I will let you know if I need your support with this.

Unfortunately, Mrs Donnelly is still unwell and will not be back this week, therefore Mrs Golding and Mrs Spencer will cover the class this week to ensure consistency in the class for the children. This means the supply teachers will be covering the other classes in place of Mrs Golding.

I trust you had a wonderful weekend. 

Best wishes,

Maria Higgins

Christmas Events

Reception Nativity (Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th December @ 2.00pm)- Parents are invited to join us to watch the Reception Nativity. We have enough space in the hall for 2 people per child for both performances. Please sign in at the school office on the day. 

KS1 Christmas Carols with Parents (Friday 16th December @2.00pm)- Parents are invited to watch the KS1 Carol service. We have enough space int he hall for 1 adult per child in Year 1 and 2. Please sign in at the school office on the day. 

Rainbows Nativity (Wednesday 14th December @ 2.00pm)- The children in Rainbows will be joining the Reception Nativity to sing Carols. Parents are invited to watch and we have room for 2 people per child.

Nursery Sing-a-long ( Tuesday 20th December @ 9.15am)- Parents are invited to join the Nursery children for a Christmas Sing-a-long. This will be in Nursery and parents will need to sign in at the Nursery door. Please could we ask that only one adult comes for each child. 


Christmas Jumper Day and Lunch are this Friday. Due to having Christmas lunch on Friday, the children will be having Fish Fingers and Chips on Wednesday instead of Roast Chicken.