Welcome to our new Rainbow Class page...
5.5.23-  We loved learning about and celebrating the coronation of King Charles III in Rainbows. We spent the week building up to the party day, making and decorating biscuits, writing invitations for the school to join our huge coronation lunch and getting the classroom and ourselves all dressed up! This was certainly a week to remember. 
23.03.23 We are loving our growing and changing topic over the last few weeks. We have looked at lots of books and watched lots of online stories including the Enormous Turnip then had a go at painting our own. In maths we have covered measuring with rulers and cubes, weighing and balancing items, and capacity. We have enjoyed the better weather outside and started playing with more equipment. In English we have read and studied Tadpole's promise, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Tiger Who Came To Tea. We are looking forward to having our own tea party this Friday and going on the farm trip next Friday! 
We hope you have all had a lovely and restful half term and are ready for our new 'Growing and Changing' topic. We will be looking at plants and how they grow, how people, places and plants change over time, as well as where our food comes from and signs of spring such as baby animals! 
We enjoyed number day recently and have been doing lots of fun things in Rainbows. We are back in the forest school area now and had a great time on Friday hunting for signs of spring such as flowers, buds and insects. Please see all our lovely photos of the past few weeks! 
Happy new year and welcome back! This term we are focusing on our 'Space' topic for PKC and reading Handa's Surprise and Whatever Next. We are continuing with Talk 4 Writing and Power Maths with Miss Cross and Mr Brough teaching in Rainbows several days a week. In PE we are focusing on ball skills and gross motor skills. We now have a messy play session every week as well as art, DT and cooking time. We are focusing on fruits and vegetables with our cooking time for this half term, making fruit kebabs and soup! In music we are exploring beat, tempo and pitch and will continue to enjoy songs and signing songs throughout the daily routine too. We now have 2 Thrive sessions every week to help the children with their emotions and social and communication needs. 
There have been a few changes in the classroom set up recently so please look out for photos soon! 

This week we have continued our Little Green Dinosaur story and started to think about how we could change it to make it our own. We have continued to enjoy our Power Maths and PKC transport topic, focusing on very cold places such as the Arctic and Antarctica at the north and south poles and dog sleds and ice breaker ships. We have a new book corner set up which the children are enjoying and a few new books too! We have also had a very special visitor in this week- our Thrive practitioner has been in to see all of the children and from now on we will have a session with her every week doing lots of fun learning tasks. In forest school we all had great fun jumping in muddy puddles and playing with animal toys and making dens for them. We ended up with a tree house for a moose and a nest for a boy! In art we will be creating seasonal tree paintings and in music we started Christmas songs (it’s never too early!).

What an exciting week learning all about transport, making birds nests in forest school and African drumming in music! We have been working very hard as always learning about The Little Green Dinosaur story in English and continuing our Power Maths work. In PE we have been focusing on body movements and in art we have painted trees in different ways to depict the colours and the way nature changes according to different seasons. 

This week we have learnt all about lots of different types of transport including the bullet train, tuk-tuks and boats. We conducted an experiment to see which of our objects would sink or float. In forest school we had a go at making some bird feeders with pipe cleaners and cheerios and enjoying being in the outside environment while it is still surprisingly mild! We watched a video about Remembrance Day and did some poppy themed artwork. On Friday afternoon we are also going to make our own boats using junk modelling and crafting skills! We might even test them to see if they sink or float!

We have had a very exciting week this week with our pumpkin party on Monday and lots of fun activities all week. Our new room set up is working really well for the children and they are thriving in the environment. We have learnt a firework poem with actions and worked on firework descriptions using clicker. The children have enjoyed drawing their own fireworks using chalk in the forest school area today too. We have also been working hard in maths, phonics, PKC (transport topic) and enjoyed learning about Diwali in music. 
Happy Halloween! 
This afternoon we had a little pumpkin party where we cut open and explored and drew pumpkins, made our own pumpkin collages and made spooky biscuits! I think some of us enjoyed playing with the flour just as much as making the biscuits. They were all decorated by the children and sent home today. We hope you enjoyed them!
Another exciting week in Rainbows!
This week we have been talking and learning all about the seasons, what we wear in each season and what we would expect to see in each season, such as lambs, daffodils, green trees, falling leaves and snow. We explored all the different kinds of trees in forest school and collected some leaves. We then made our own leaf creatures and gave them names and descriptions.  We are still learning about The Three Billy Goats Gruff and enjoying retelling the story in our own words. In art we have looked at the Spanish artist Miro and looked at his use of primary colours. Phonics is going well and the children love the catch phrases that go with each sound. In maths we have been looking at comparing numbers using the language greater than/less than. 
If you would like to follow up with any of the work we have done this week, perhaps you could have a go at creating your own Miro style pictures, retell this week's story, talk about seasons and what you might see or wear, and encourage children to use the words ever green and deciduous when talking about trees! 
This week we have continued to talk about the Three Billy Goats Gruff story, and retell it with props. We have made our own bridges with wooden blocks and played with the Happyland people and town, using the maps to help us navigate our way around. We have used the fire engines and firefighters to help put out pretend fires too! In forest school we have explored how the outdoors looks at the moment, talking about the change in the weather and noticing that the leaves are changing colour and falling down. In art we have used the paints to make tints and shades of primary, secondary and tertiary colours and had great fun painting pictures! 
This week we have enjoyed making skeletons, learning about we change as we grow from babies to children to adults and learning about our families for PKC. We also read The Little Red Hen lots and even baked our own bread just like the hen did. 
Week 2 has been a great week for PE! We have enjoyed learning about our bodies and the way they move as well as dancing to Disney songs and moving scarves around to the music. This is all part of our 'All About Me' topic, involving PE, music and PKC. We hope you enjoy the lovely, happy photos! 
We have had a very successful first week back in Rainbow class! The children have enjoyed construction, maths, writing, a new phonics scheme, computers, story time, learning signing songs as well as many other things. On Fridays we will now have forest school in the morning where we wear wellies and waterproofs ready to enjoy the outside area.  We have also celebrated a birthday from the summer holidays!  
We have had another great week in Rainbows this week. We have read The Little Red Hen again and retold the story. We have done lots of maths- counting to 10 and counting in 10s and 1s and completed lots of work in our books. We have enjoyed a forest school session making shapes out of sticks and stones, as well as colour mixing, painting and hand printing! We have been learning about our school, where it is and what is in it, as well as where we live and what we might see on our journey to and from school.