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Spring Term Knowledge Organiser for Growing and Changing
Please find below the Knowledge Organiser  for Spring Term 2. This will show you what we are learning in Nursery and key information the children will be learning. Please support your child with the key vocabulary and concepts for the topic.
Week beginning 13th March
This week we have been learning about food and farming. The children have learnt that we grow food to eat. Some food grows underground and some grows as plants. We showed the children some carrots with their leaves still on. They chopped different vegetables, which we made into soup. The children enjoyed using their senses to smell and taste the soup. They cut and ate grapes, raspberries and blueberries too. Then, they learnt that farmers grow food and harvest crops for us to eat. Some children made tractors from the junk modelling.
Week beginning 6th March
The children have been enjoying sorting animals and learning the names of their offspring. The vocabulary has been amazing ! We have heard children saying,’ pig & piglet and cow & calf.
We have loved reading The Hungry Caterpillar and discussing the life circle of a butterfly and the children recognise that a butterfly was once a caterpillar. 
We used props to act out the story and enjoyed feeding our hungry caterpillar, posting food through it’s mouth.
We took advantage of the snow and had some fun outside while it lasted.
We planted some sunflower seeds this week , getting ready for the warmer weather to plant them in our garden area. 
Week beginning 27th Feb.
Another fabulous week in Nursery!
We are talking about how things grow. We have been planting cress seeds and making a cress growing diary!
The children’s language has been amazing:  ‘ seeds need water for progress’  ‘I can see shoots’
They have loved reading Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk. We have drawn a beanstalk and coloured in our own jelly beans. 
Our theme for World Book Day was Where’s Wally? A big thank you for taking part in the fun and the love of books. We are now going to the library on a Thursday. The children loved choosing their own book to take home. Please return on Thursdays to exchange for a new book.
Week beginning 20th February 
The children have come back after half term all rested and ready to learn. This week we have been learning that there are four seasons and that Winter changes into Spring. We have been talking about new plants starting to grow and looking at pictures of snowdrops and daffodils. Children were creative and used paints to paint snowdrops and finger painted pictures using colours to represent the seasons of the year. At Forest School we enjoyed looking for new Spring life.
Children enjoyed playing with the flour  pretending to make their own pancakes and sharing with us what their favourite topping is. They enjoyed several fun stories about pancakes.
Spring Term Knowledge Organiser for Dinosaurs
Please find below the Knowledge Organiser for Spring Term 1. This will show you what we are learning in Nursery and key information the children will be learning. Please support your child with the key vocabulary and concepts for the topic.
6th February 
This week have we been finding out what the children have remembered about our dinosaur topic. We have been drawing, labelling and writing about dinosaurs so we can make a  fact book for nursery. This half term has flown by, enjoy your half term break and we look forward to hearing about what the children have been doing.
30th January
This week in Nursery we have learnt that Pterosaurs were flying reptiles and Plesiosaurs lived in the water.  Children enjoyed making Pterodactyls to fly in the classroom and outside. The salt dough fossils we made last week are now hard and dry and the children were eager to take them home to show you. We have enjoyed spending more time outside in the warmer sunshine weather.  Today has been a fun filled Numbers Day for the charity NSPCC.
Week beginning 23rd January 
Another amazing week in Nursery! The new children are settling in well and making new friends. We had an explosion of a volcano that the children had made. Our home corner has changed to a dinosaur museum and the children have been pretending to be palaeontologists digging for dinosaur bones and fossils. The children have also been acting out the swimming race for the animals wanting to have the Chinese New Year named after them, using face masks or small animals.
Week beginning 16th January
This week we have continued our learning about dinosaurs. We have learnt about stegosaurus and T-Rex and the children were able to describe what they looked like. All the children enjoyed making a T-Rex finger puppet and had fun playing with them in the  learning environment. We have also been investigating the height and length of different dinosaurs using cubes.
Week beginning 9th January 
After our Christmas holidays it’s nice to have all our children back and seeing them settle back into the routine and enjoying themselves. We have also welcomed our new Nursery children on their induction visits.
This term it’s Nursery's turn to have the dance teacher from Lane Academy Dance in. From the pictures you can see the children had fun and enjoyed the session.
Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser for Journeys

Please find below the Knowledge Organiser for Autumn Term 2.  This will show you what we are learning about in Nursery and key information the children will be learning.  Please support your child with the key vocabulary and concepts for the topic.

Week commencing 12th December 
 This week for our last forest school session before Christmas the leaders came inside and did some craft activities with us as it was so cold outside. However we did go out for a short while for a treat which was popcorn made over the fire pit.
5th December
This week we have been learning about the North and South Pole and what clothes you would wear when it’s cold to keep us warm. We have learnt about the explorer Ernest Shackleton, how he travelled to the South Pole and how difficult it was.
Also, we have been enjoying stories and books on the Nativity, the journey to Bethlehem and Christmas, as well as making Christmas trees and having Christmas songs on in the background.
Week commencing 28th November 

This week the children have been making stained glass windows, practising their cutting skills and choosing which colour tissue paper they wanted on and where.
We have been busy learning our Christmas songs for our Christmas Sing along to parents and carers on Tuesday 20th December at 9.15 a.m.
Week commencing 21st November
This week we had a visitor come in to speak to the children to share his experience of steam trains. He wore his train drivers uniform and showed the children. He showed the children some of the equipment that would be used. He also showed them some of his models of steam and diesel trains. The children enjoyed his visit and had lots of questions.
Week commencing 14th November 
Another fun packed week in Nursery! We have been learning about transport past and present. We made our role play area into a steam train. Children worked together to do a painting of a steam train.
For Children in Need the children coloured and painted some Pudsey Bear pictures and they also made their own Pudsey Bear ears.
Week commencing 7th November
This week the children have enjoyed a variety of activities. We have been learning about journeys from our PKC (Primary Knowledge Curriculum), so we had our own journey walking around the school.We read the story of ‘The Journey Home from Grandpa’s’ and the children made their own story map. With the brighter days children have enjoyed a picnic style snack outside.The children came up with some good ideas for an obstacle race.
It was lovely to hear the children’s excitement about the fireworks that they had seen at the weekend and they enjoyed painting a group firework picture.
Week commencing 31st October 
The children all had a lot of fun this week with our pumpkins, kindly donated by a nursery parent.
SCARY PUMPKIN HAIR! We made this with watermelon fruit kebab sticks. The children enjoyed eating these at snack time.
Autumn Term Knowledge Organisers

Please find below the Knowledge Organiser for Autumn Term 1.  This will show you what we are learning about in Nursery and key information the children will be learning.  Please support your child with the key vocabulary and concepts for the topic.

This week we have been learning that there are four seasons. We have been talking about what happens in Autumn and used natural resources in our play, arts and design.
This term the children have really enjoyed going out to Forest School with the Active Play leaders.
Week 5
This week we have carried on learning more about the emergency services.
Children planted some seed bombs in our garden area, which they had made in forest school a couple of weeks ago.
Week 4
This week we have been learning about ‘People Who Help us in our Community’. We then went on to learn about people who help us in an emergency - firefighters, paramedics and police officers. Together the children chose different resources they needed to make a large model of a fire engine.
Week 3
This week we have been learning about ‘Our Local Environment and Maps’ we talked about where we live and where our Nursery school is. We looked at a map of Ely and all the different features it has.
The children had a go at drawing their own map of the nursery playground.
Week 2
This week we have been learning ‘All About Me’. The children have been looking at their faces in mirrors and describing them, they then used different resources to make their face. We also learnt about different body parts, the children drew around one of their friends and then labelled the parts.
Friday 16th September 2022
This week in nursery we have spent time welcoming our new nursery children and getting to know them. Throughout the week we enjoyed doing a range of fun activities including apple printing, playing in the sand and water tray. The apples we used to print with were collected from the Nursery playground.