Newsletter 23/06/2023

Head Teacher Update:

What a wonderful day it has been! The children were so fantastic! I would like to thank all of the parents who attended and Activeplay for setting up such a brilliant morning. I was so proud of the school and the community feel was amazing!

Please remember, if your child is eligible for Pupil premium, you are entitled to Holiday Assistance Funding (HAF) vouchers which provides your child with 64 hours of funded holiday hours. This can include the holiday club run by Activeplay at Spring Meadow. If you are struggling to access this or need some further support, please come and speak to the school office.

From Monday, we have made the decision to keep the entrance gates to the car park open with a cone blocking the entrance. This is due to the high numbers of people who need access due to the children’s centre. Please can I remind you though that the car park is still not to be used by parents unless it has been agreed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

I hope you all have a restful weekend and thank you again for all of your support!

Kind regards,

Mrs Laura Fielding


Dates for your diary:

28th June – New starters open evening

4th July – Transition morning (Including Year 2 to St Mary’s)

6th July – Year 1 trip to Banham Zoo

8th July – Spring Meadow and Ely St Mary’s summer fete

12th July – Pizza Express trip (Wren Class)

17th July – Year 2 Trip to Hunstanton