Welcome to our new Bluebells Class page...
Below is the Knowledge Organise for Summer 1 so that you can support your child with the key vocabulary and concepts for the topic.
This week we have been learning all about how we have grown and changed since we were born. We have really enjoyed looking at everyone's baby photos and trying to guess who they are! If you haven't sent one in yet, please do. We will think more next week about what babies are able to do in the first few months and what things the children can do now they are older.
We have also been thinking about how to be independent at school and the staff have been looking out for ways children are showing that they can be independent in their learning, socialising and self-care. For example -  remembering to tidy up after yourself, sharing resources and toys, letting others play and using phonic knowledge to do some writing.
As part of our PSED curriculum we have been discussing ways to be safe at home and at school. We have talked about what can be dangerous and how we can behave to keep ourselves and others safe. Please do ask your children what they can remember about this learning, we will continue to discuss the ideas in the coming weeks.
Next week we are learning about how we have grown and changed since we were babies. Please bring in a baby photo or email one to your child's teacher for us to print for the classroom. Thank you!
In Reception we have been learning about 'crops', plants that are grown for food. We have been exploring fruits and vegetables, looking at seeds, squeezing out juice and pretending to make vegetable soup.   We also enjoyed making our own fruit salad. First we washed the fruit. Then we peeled some of the fruit and next we chopped it up. We chose what fruits we wanted in our dish to make fruit salad. It was delicious! 

This week in Reception we have continued to retell and role-play ‘Jack and the Beanstalk. We have had so much fun pretending to cook the giant’s breakfast.  He loves giant eggs, giant sausages and giant co-co pops! We have also been learning about animals and their young, using their correct names. After looking at lots of animal non-fiction books some of us wrote our own. The tadpoles are growing bigger and eating lots of cucumber. This week we have learnt about the life-cycle of a frog and how our tadpoles will change. In math we have been understanding and using numbers above 10 and we had a great game of teen bingo with the Numicon.  

Next week we are learning about farms, crops and growing food. If anyone has vegetable gardens at home, allotments or have links to a local farm and has any compost, vegetable bags, young vegetable plants or seeds that you are able to donate to school we would be very grateful.  We have already planted peas, beans, grass caterpillars, cress and plan on planting potatoes and lettuce this week.